We are proud to present the results of our Familienforschung Padberg.

This work is a combination of the work from many family members, which collected their knowledge during many years. We are thankful that the following private individuals are exchanging their information with us:

w Heinz Clement, (Germany)
w Dr. Martin Cremer, (Germany)
w Dieter Jäkel, (Germany, died)
w Gerhard Kühn, (Germany)
w Bernhard Padberg, (Germany)
w Carl Friedrich Padberg, (Germany)
w Dr. Daniel Padberg, (USA)
w Detlef Gerhard Padberg, (Australia)
w Franz-Josef Padberg, (Germany)
w Friedrich Padberg, Line Herbede (Germany)
w Jürgen Padberg, Line Kierspe (Germany)
w Jürgen Padberg, (Germany)
w Klaas Padberg-Evenboer, (the Netherlands)
w Marlen Padberg, (Canada)
w Sven Padberg, (Germany)
w Thomas H. Padberg, (Germany)
w Dr. Walter Padberg, (Germany, died)
w Marlen Pointer, (USA)
w Michael Schmitt, (Germany)

This list isn't complete.

Several of these researchers had the help of other family members, which shall not stay unknown. Let us know the names and we will add them to the list above.

Our own research was and still becomes completed by reading records in the various archives of the churches and by state. Other dates we get by the internet from hompages of other researchers and genealogical societies and clubs.


Here you can see and search the names in our

Padberg-Database (in german)

We have also stored a file containing the names and dates, which we know, in our datafile at the server of rootsweb.com.

We appreciate any kind of additional information and invite you also, to contact us by e-mail.